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So, there are all these pics floating around of cleats with heels. There are also images of a beautifully legged women in fancy shoes, juggling, shooting and fielding the ball. 

Obviously, it represents a fashion savvy athlete, a fierce footballista. An impressive and liberated feminization of the sport.

Or it could just be a massive fashion don’t and inane attempts of the fashion industry to insert itself into a sphere where they are not required.

I have been in situations where impromptu games have sprung up: picnics, weddings, family gatherings. And I have done what most football lovers do: kick off my fancy footwear and go barefoot.

I understand that it is far more sophisticated, sexy, feminine and sensual to imagine a voluptuous woman, shimmying around the pitch in tight clothing and Jimmy Choos with a cute little tap here and there. 

That’s a lovely fantasy.

It is also complete bullshit.

But what do I know? I have only played 30 years. I am neither sensual, sophisticated nor glamorous on the pitch. 

If I were to show up ready to play at one of my games in heels, I would be promptly scolded or ridiculed and most definitely benched. 

I appreciate people being comfortable as they play. Shorts, pants, hijab, ponytail, in a sports uniform, proper kit, tank top, whatever. 

But to try and to make cleats appeal to women for the sake fashion is absurd.

These shoes are impractical and an orthopedic disaster waiting to happen.

Wearing heels on turf or grass is idiotic. You would not only ruin the field but the heel would dig into the ground. If gardeners and pitch maintenance staff want to use this fashionable footwear to aerate grass, then I can see these working. 

Otherwise they are a useless idea brought to those attempting to  sexualize women’s football. (Another topic in itself that requires at least a dozen posts.) 

I don’t expect all people to love football. The reality that is sweaty, dirty and less than photogenic.

But it is also exciting, intense, empowering and a complete adrenaline rush.

And it nourishes my soul. And I find it very, very beautiful.

Who doesn’t enjoy a fantastic game of pick-up on the beach? 

I don’t look for gratification and affirmation of my beauty on the pitch via sexy shoes.

I love heels. I always have. My partner is six foot five. Wearing high heels is something I do very frequently.

But NOT on the field.

Proper gear, regardless of colour and brand are important. 

This type of imagery reduces women to what they wear, further propelling media and society’s obsession with women’s clothing.

Football is about effort, skill, enjoyment and passion. 

The sport is played by millions around the world. Many of those players, fans are women. Women who don’t have access, resources or safety to play.

Girls all over the world are constantly battling ideas of how they need to look.To add that they should be long-legged and might consider about wearing red, crocodile-skin boots is ridiculous.

Nailing some spikes at the bottom of these shoes don’t make them appropriate for female athletes. Nor should society embrace the idea that it is more acceptable and a better fit for women. 

 The equipment required for football is gender-neutral. There are brands that cater shoe colours to women. If women choose to buy them then that’s great. My daughter has always rejected “girlie colours”. Initially she wore her brother’s hand-me-downs and now she still chooses styles from the men’s section. As do I.

Women play football and wear cleats when they do. Not this runway version of boots on drugs. Some people may see a fusion between sport and fashion.

I see impending injuries and no chance for proper ball control.

The day I see Christine Sinclair, Marta Viera da Silva or even Zlatan Ibrahomivic (not some porn star-esque model) sporting these, I may consider it.

*Post Update*: Fiorella Castillo, has recently been recognized for her ability to be hot while simultaneously to juggle in heels. Kudos to her obvious talent. More kudos to the drooling male Sportsjournalists who felt it incumbent to report on the model and football fanatic who astounds in heels. Even more awesome that she does it in a striped bra top dedicated to her home country: Argentina! She will even be travelling to Brazil to support her country’s attempt to win the World Cup this summer. What’s not to love?
I am sure that there aren’t any other fantastically gifted women who can juggle really well in full outfits  .
Thank God for reporting on this. 
And thank heavens to Betsy for MODELS IN HEELS WITH FOOTBALLS!

I have thrown in a short video to show how much she is an adored athlete (fetishized):  http://www.lilhub.com/argentinian-supermodel-juggles-a-soccer-ball-in-high-heels

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