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Lyon adviser angers women’s coach with ‘cooking’ jibe


I came across the following article  and was completely appalled. I felt I had to comment on the blatant sexism and horrible irony of the offending party. Article reads: 

During a talk show on RMC on Monday, a female listener called in and criticised France striker Karim Benzema and Aulas’ adviser Bernard Lacombe replied: “I do not discuss football with women, that’s how I see it. They should get back to cooking.”

The former France international’s words infuriated women’s team coach Patrice Lair, whose side have won the French league title for the past six years and the last two editions of the Champions League.

"I’m very disappointed. He has no right to say that," Lair told 20 Minutes’ website (www.20minutes.fr) on Tuesday.

"It’s not going to help the development of women football. It’s a lack of respect for the president’s work and the girls’ efforts.

"They (the OL women) know what he thinks about women’s football."

This piece was posted a few days ago and this incident was not widely reported in any mainstream media outlets. 

Then again, why would it be? 

It’s only about an ignorant, male staffer degrading women who coincidentally works at Olympique Lyonnais - the club of the BEST WOMEN’S FOOTBALL TEAM IN THE WORLD.

This arrogance, unabashed sexism and idiocy is coming from the assistant to the President of the club, Jean-Michel Aulas.

What an imbecile!

Would this monsieur prefer that the women’s squad give back their hard-earned trophies and championships and go and concoct a soufflé in their kitchens? 

I find this sexism intolerable particularly coming from a club staffer. 

It is bad enough that female athletes get a fraction of the financial support, media attention and respect of their male counterparts.

To disrespect them, their hard work and their integrity is appalling enough. To also dismiss “cooking” as something inferior to football is also unjust. Women cook for various reasons: obligation, love, employment and enjoyment. 
Furthermore, cooking is no less feminine in France, a country that boasts some of the top Chefs (male and female) and top cooking schools in the world. 

I recognize that not all football fans may appreciate women on the pitch nor be feminist empowering in their mentality. I have been writing about football and have come across far too many offensive and tasteless jokes/comments/opinions about women in sport. Sexualizing, fantasizing and completely disrespecting female athletes.  

But Bernard Lacombe is one of them. Part of the Lyon family:  former footballer, administrative staff and a supporter. 

What he did is unacceptable. Perhaps he should be fired, suspended, penalized.

Then I thought of something better: 

That Lacombe be made to play against the women’s squad.

That would be punishment enough for him.

Then he may want to retract his comments about discussing football with women. 

Discussing it with them instead of having to actually play it with them may be a welcomed idea. 


More on this story: http://edition.cnn.com/2013/03/27/sport/football/lyon-lacombe-sexism-football

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