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Play the Game: The London 2012 Olympics - a gender equality audit

Important to note that this report was really lacking in a particular area. International governing bodies of sport must recognize the correlation between allowing uniform modification (hijab or otherwise) and women’s participation in sport.

Strict regulations of clothing and impermissibility render it extremely difficult for women to compete.

Why would an athlete spend tonnes of money and train when they may not be allowed to participate at all due to their choice of clothing while competing?

This issue has less to do with IOS and their ‘commendable’ efforts in gender equality.

Funding, support and access are also huge pieces of this issue. But if an athlete can not even present themselves as they wish, the first step, then everything else is moot.

Why fund, sponsor, develop athletes if they won’t be allowed to compete anyway?

This issue needs to be addressed and seriously if there are any sincere efforts to recognize gender equality in sport.

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