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"I was made to feel I had to choose between my faith and my soccer"

I did a radio interview. Producer (Shirin) was awesome.
I think I have a face for radio.;

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*BEACH ALERT! Beware of Praying Muslims*

The last few days of our vacation lead us to Akaka Falls and also to Hapuna Bay- a gorgeous beach on the North West side of the Island of Hawaii.

I have seen very little football on this Island. Very little. Well, the *proper* kind. I narrowly escaped a huge celebration called the Pro-Bowl in Honolulu.

I am not a fan of American Football. I hate that it is called football. 

In fact I heard a great quote “…As Pierre Sané once said: “Football for those who play it with their hands”.”

I love it when American football is gently mocked

Nevertheless, the only football I have seen is something called an “Aqua Ball” in a store in Maui.

I recognize that Hawaiians love their water and who am I to judge? I did not get one because I prefer my football on a pitch.

I miss football a lot. I am in a crazy time zone and not bale to catch any matches at the moment. I think I am having withdrawal.

 I was walking through the Akaka Falls and came across a sign:

I was convinced it read: “Beware Of Falling Rocks And Offside”. I still am.

Moved onto the beach at Hapuna Bay which is noted as one of America’s best beaches.

I was delighted to see a warm, sandy beach also considered a State Park. Some of the signage had me concerned.  

Ummmmm…..OK then. I looked around and didn’t notice anyone looking concerned that there could be potential explosives among the sand castles.

So I made my way down to the beach.

The water was two brilliant shades of blue, sun came out and the clouds moved off.

It also happened to be prayer time.

After an initial, quick swim I made my way to a lovely spot.

I noticed a couple sitting in their oversized beach umbrella watching me curiously as I laid down my towel.

I started my prayer.

Wife to husband: “Jim! Look what that woman is doing!”

Jim: “She is visiting from Eye-ran or Arabia and is doing her prayers. They pray towards their God in Mecca.”  

Wife: “But why is she doing this in Hawaii?”

Jim: “They are very strict about their religion. But we don’t go to church on vacation.”

I am not sure if it was my sunglasses, my water pants or my blue nail polish that gave away the fact that I am orthodox. #hijabdesk

I finished my prayers and folded up my towel.

As I walked by them I said casually: “I am from Toronto actually. Have  a lovely holiday!”

They looked gobsmacked.

I wondered whether I should have issued a warning before commencing my worship. Or perhaps added a sign below the one warning about possible grenades. 


I went off to ride the waves.

I took my MIL body boarding which was fun. She’s a tremendous sport.

Although I kept calling it “waterboarding” and corrected myself immediately. 

Yes. Awkward, I know.

Hawaii has been brilliant and fun. 

When the weather cooperates beautifully, it is unparalleled.

It rained four consecutive days we were in Maui. As horrible as it is, we spent more time in the local Walmart than we did at the beach.

I will blame that on my MIL. ;)

Off to collect some more plumeria for my hijab tomorrow. 

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The Remarkable Story of Sohail Rehman

When asked by one of his youngsters, “Coach, don’t you ever feel like kicking the ball?” he replied, “You always have to be grateful for what you have. I might not be able to kick the ball, but at least I can see it…there’s always someone out there who struggles more than you.”

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